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An Exceptional Guide for IELTS Exam Writing | Top Tips and Tricks to Follow

IELTS stands for International English language testing system, a testing system which is devised to measure the proficiency of the people. The individuals are judged on the scale from 1 to 9, where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest scale. The test is divided into four sections, which are skills related to the English language. These sections are speaking, reading, writing and listening. IELTS exam writing is considered the most difficult job, but each and every section is equally important.

Majority of the people have no idea that who should take IELTS exams. IELTS is a testing system for English language, so it is used for many purposes. There are two types of IELTS test; one is IELTS academics, while other is IELTS general. Academics version is taken by those, who want to study in English speaking countries like Canada, UK and Australia. The general version is for those, who are interested in migration to these countries.

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Some Statistics about IELTS

Before we talk about the IELTS waiver letter writing, here are some interesting statistics about the IELTS, which will show some basic trends.

  • In the year 2017, 78% people have academic version of IELTS, while 22% opted for the general IELTS
  • In terms of gender, female performed better in all four categories of the test, as compared to the males both is academic and general IELTS
  • People having German as their first language, scored highest band in Academic IELTS, while Nepali got lowest scores
  • In general, IELTS, Afrikaans got highest scores
  • Candidates from the United States of America scored highest marks in IELTS

ielts exam writing helpHow to Prepare for IELTS Exams – Top 5 Tips

If you are preparing for the IELTS, you have to prepare well as it is not an easy exam to take. You have to prepare for each and every section, carefully. Here are few tips, which will help you in your preparation.

  • The first tip is about the listening section, which is divided into further sections, like one on one conversation, group discussion and speech. To prepare for listening section, it’s better to listen to the discussions on TV. It will be helpful in understanding the language and you will be able to understand the conversations.
  • Next tip is also for the listening section. You need to practice a lot to listen to the individual talk and group discussion and take notes at the same time.
  • For the reading section, read as much as possible. Practice of comprehension will be helpful. Taking notes is also very helpful.
  • Writing section is about writing essay and reading sample essay. You have to practice grammar as well and make sure whatever you write is free from all grammatical errors.
  • The last section is speaking. You have to be very responsive, so make sure you practice speaking with your friends or any other family member. You can speak on any topic and record it to know your speaking mistakes.

IELTS Waiver Letter

IELTS waiver request letter is a letter in which you request to the concerned authority that you are unable to take the IELTS test, but you are proficient in English. You need to write this letter, if you are unable to take the test because of any reason, like test center is away from your station or the test dates are not available. If you can write a proper IELTS Waiver, you can get rid of a lot of trouble and practice, which is associated with the IELTS. People also request for the IELTS fee waiver, which can save your money too.

Main Requirements for IELTS Waiver

Everyone is not considered for the IELTS waiver. However, if you have completed a degree recently you can go for IELTS waiver request. However, your degree should be at least nine months long and it should be from a recognized institution. Moreover, the entire course should be in English language.
You have to write a proper IELTS waiver request letter to take this opportunity. A poorly written letter can reduce your chances to get waiver.

Top 5 Things to Pay Attention to in Your IELTS Waiver Request Letter

  • Write it in very good English, proving that you are master in the language.
  • Explain your degree very clearly, with the duration and recognition proof of the institution.
  • If there is any other reason, explain clearly; make sure you have a solid reason.
  • Make sure you read it again and make it an error free document.
  • If you are not sure about how to write, taking the help of IELTS waiver service is a must.

ielts waiver letter writing helpTips and Suggestions for the Successful IELTS Exam Request Letter

Following are some tips for writing the successful IELTS waiver request letter:

  • Be positive: you must be very positive while start writing English waiver letter either IELTS or TOEFL. Don’t think that this is your right that you should be waived off from IELTS exams. Always remember that you have to convince the selection committee by using the requesting tone.
  • Logical and convincing style: Don’t try to convince the readers that you are eligible for waiving off the IELTS exam. You must give the reasonable and solid logic to prove this claim and don’t forget to adopt requesting writing style after providing a logical reason.
  • Attach a letter from previous institute: Don’t forget to attach a letter from your previous institute that you have studied all your courses in English language and during study the medium of teaching was also English.
  • Highlight the credibility of previous institute: you should also highlight the credibility of your previous institute, so that selection committee feels no hesitation in seriously considering your IELTS waiver request.

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