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Expert Help to Write Your Winning Waiver Letter GPA | Full Guide

Are you thinking of writing a waiver letter? Whether you are writing GRE or GPA letter refusal, you need to approach the matter seriously. Otherwise, you might be risking your entire undergraduate or graduate career. Although a GPA waiver essay is only one letter you will write in your life, it can largely determine your future.

What Is GPA and Why Do You Need to Know What Is Waiver Letter GPA?

A GPA is an abbreviation for Grade Point Average and it is one of the requirements considered by the admission boards of many schools and colleges. If a program does have a GPA requirement, you can consider writing GPA rejection letter in which you will ask the officials to ignore it. The crucial thing to keep in mind is that your letter is merely a plea and it is up to the admission board to decide if they will accept it.

To increase your chances of the board accepting your request, you need to make your low GPA explanation letter as convincing as possible. Aside from that, you are required to follow a certain format when writing it. Keep reading to find out more about waiver letter low GPA tips and tricks, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

professional waiver letter gpaThe Most Common Questions to Be Answered about the GPA Waiver Letter Writing

  • What are the GPA requirements of your desired institution?

First, you should consider your school’s GPA requirements. If you are aware that you are below the score that they are demanding, you need to write a low GPA explanation letter. However, your letter might vary depending on how below average you are and that is something to keep in mind.

  • Can you justify your low GPA?

In some cases, you will have rational explanations to mention in your low GPA explanation letter. Even if you need to find a way around the fact that you were slacking, always think if and how you can justify your GPA. Preparing an outline and considering what can be included in your example of waiver letter is a crucial component of finding out how to justify your scores.

  • How to prepare for writing a GPA letter waiver?

There are things that you can do to increase the chances of your denial request being accepted before you even start writing the letter. You should also consider the special formatting request of your institution and read tips and tricks on how to write a low GPA explanation letter.

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Writing Template of the Waiver Letter Low GPA

If you are wondering how a GPA waiver letter sample looks, you should know about things to include in your essay. For starters, you should include basic information about the writer (you), including name and contact information. You shouldn’t forget to address the admission board before you start writing the letter itself.

It is always a good idea to express that you are interested in the institution. Make sure to mention why you want to enroll in that specific program and why you believe that is the school for you.
Next, focus on the low GPA explanation letter section, which is the core of your essay. Do not forget to be concise and keep your sentences clear. In the end, make sure to thank the committee for their time.
As we already mentioned, you should include your name and contact info in the beginning. In the end, you should thank the committee and physically sign the letter, but don’t forget to write “Sincerely” before the signature. Some institutions might have special formatting requests and you should make sure to follow them.

When it comes to length, the general rule of thumb is that your latter shouldn’t be more than three (3) pages long. That doesn’t mean it cannot be shorter than that. In fact, many experts believe that a single page is an ideal length for a low GPA letter explanation. You should also use this rule when writing a GRE waiver and GMAT waiver letter.

gpa waiver letter sampleWhat to Do before Writing a Letter Explaining Low GPA?

Here are some things that you can do to improve your GPA letter refusal before you even start writing it:

  • Consider getting high scores on other tests – these may include OAT, SAT, ACT, and others.
  • Prepare an outline – think about what you want to include in your low GPA explanation letter and make an outline based on that.
  • Keep in mind the deadlines – look for the websites of your desired institutions and check the application deadlines to be sure that you will meet them.
  • Consider what schools you want to apply for – you should send your application to multiple schools. Some of them should be among those accepting students with low GPA.

5 Winning Tips to Write a GPA Waiver Letter

  • Provide valid reasons – if you believe you have good reasons for writing GPA refusal letter, make sure to explain them. Suffering from a serious illness or death of family members are considered legitimate.
  • Mention related courses – only do this if you performed better in them. For example, if you were bad and history, but good at math and sciences, that might be worth mentioning in your low GPA explanation letter.
  • Provide proof that you are committed to the program – if you have done extra studies or volunteer work related to the program that is a good way of showing your enthusiasm. It might be a bit tricky if you didn’t, but you can also mention books related to the topic that you read and loved.
  • Follow the format carefully – your school might have specific requirements related to writing letters, which is why you should make sure to look for them.
  • Proofread your paper – once you are done, do not forget to proofread everything. You might have made several spelling or grammar mistakes and that can look unprofessional to the officials.

5 Common Pitfalls in GPA Letter Waiver Writing to Know

  • Not offering an explanation – there is a reason why it is called an explanation of low GPA letter. If you know that your grade point average is too low to be overlooked, do not overlook it yourself.
  • Focusing on the negatives – always keep an overall positive note and don’t focus on negatives and problems. Instead, list the good things that you did and the reasons why you deserve your GPA to be waived.
  • Admitting it was your fault – owning up to your mistakes is a sign of maturing. If you were slacking and that is why you are writing a GPA denial letter or GMAT waiver letter, you can think about admitting that in your letter. However, there are officials who might not consider this favorable, which is why you should focus more on how you matured from then.
  • Making your letter a sob story – a GPA letter waiver should contain an explanation if your low grades cannot be overlooked. However, avoid turning everything into a sob story and try to keep things professional.
  • Do not blame an instructor – this will not earn you any points with the admission officials. If anything, it says that you are transferring blame for your poor performance to someone else.

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Why Seek for Professional Help When Writing GPA Rejection Letter?

Here are some reasons why you could use professional help when writing denied GPA letter:

  • Writing is not your strongest suit – you might not be adept at writing or you not have experience in writing similar letters
  • You don’t have time – your schedule might be too tight and you could use someone else’s help with writing a low GPA explanation letter
  • You do not want to risk anything–you need your GPA refusal letter to be accepted, which is why you need things done professionally

low gpa explanation letter help

How Our Services Can Help

We have a team of professionals that provides GPA writing letter help and is at your service. Here is what you can count on:

  • Writing waiver letter GPA: Our staff has experience in writing hundreds of waivers to various admission boards. We know what the committees demand in terms of formatting a low GPA explanation letter and we can also comply with any special requests you may have. The content we provide is highly customized and we can assist in getting your low GPA explanation letter to fit your exact needs.
  • Proofreading: The essential part of writing any content is proofreading it. Put yourself in the position of an admission committee member reading your essay. You don’t want it to have spelling or grammar mistakes and you don’t want the sentence structure to be poor. This is also where our GPA waiver letter writing experts can help you.
  • Plagiarism-free: You do not want your letter to be an exact copy of someone else’s who might also be applying for the same learning institution. That is why we guarantee content that will be completely free of plagiarism.
  • Quick turnaround: You might not have a lot of time for writing GPA rejection letter. Our experienced team of writers is capable of meeting tight deadlines and guarantees on-time delivery.

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