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Professional VISA Waiver Letter Writing Service

Are you planning on traveling to the United States? If that is the case, you might need a professionally written VISA waiver letter. This is not something you should take for granted as it could be a deciding factor in getting your VISA.

Although it sounds like a simple letter, there are plenty of requirements that you need to comply with. Take a look at some essential tips and tricks that you need to know when writing VISA waiver letter, as well as why getting the help of a professional might be the right way to go.

What Is VISA Waiver Program?

VISA Waiver Program (VWP) allows the majority of nationals and citizens of the selected nations to visit the United States of America and stay up to 90 days. VWP doesn’t require you to get a VISA, but you should expect authorization via ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization. You also need to fulfill other requirements, including:

  • You must be a national or a citizen of the selected countries. Take a look at the complete list on this page.
  • Have the correct and passport type that needs to be valid for six months after your planned date of leaving the US soil.
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Types of VISA

  • F1 Student – this is the VISA you should apply for if you are enrolling in academic studies on the US soil. You need this VISA if the course in question requires more than 18 hours of your time weekly.
  • H-1B Worker – it requires a Bachelor’s degree from the applicant, while the employer should deliver labor condition application to the Department of Labor.
  • B1 / B2 Visitor – B1 is intended for those coming to the country for business, including scientists artists, or businessmen coming to negotiate or settle contacts. B2 VISA is for those that have medical treatment planned or tourists. The latter include visiting family and friends.
  • J1 Visitor – this VISA is intended for teachers, scholars, and professors, who are visiting the country in an exchange program.
  • K1 Fiancée / K3 Spouse – you can try to get this VISA if you a fiancée or a spouse of someone living in the country.

visa waiver letter sampleWhat Are the Main Reasons and How to Handle VISA Rejections?

Unfortunately, not every VISA request is approved by the embassy. If you were rejected, here are some of the reasons that might happen and how to handle them:

  • The purpose of your visit is not clear – you might have chosen the wrong VISA type of you can’t support your purpose of visit with adequate documents. If you want to avoid this to happen, make sure that you include where you plan to stay, for how long, and what will you do during your stay.
  • Financial records – the officials might have estimated that you do not have enough funds to cover your trip. This is where proof of funds, including financial statements and traveler’s checks might help you. If you have a sponsor, you need to provide a document that will prove that they will cover your expenses.
  • You haven’t provided a required document – for example, this may be proof of transport, such as plane tickets. In that case, your F1 VISA waiver needs to mention why you failed to include that document (as long as you have valid reasons).
  • A criminal record – this one is tricky as there are huge chances you will get rejected if you have a criminal record. You can try explaining why you believe that should be waived in your VISA waiver letter sample, but the truth is you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

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Why Do You Need to Know How to Write VISA Waiver Letter?

If there is a travel ban restriction that is preventing you from entering the United States, you can consider using the benefits of a VISA rejection letter. In your letter, you should state why you believe that your VISA should be approved. Your VISA rejection letter sample needs to approach the matter in a serious manner and there is no room for improvisations.

You need to deliver your letter of waiver at the time of the interview, which means that you should get it ready in advance. Even if you are sure that you can get a VISA or VWP, you should be ready for rejection and get the letter ready. In it, you should show that denying your waiver letter VISA would cause undue hardship and that is in the “national interest” to approve your appeal letter for VISA rejection. Additionally, you need to prove that you won’t pose a threat to national security.

Knowing how to write a VISA rejection letter sample that suits your needs can get you one step closer to being allowed to enter the country. If you know what you need to include in your K1 VISA waiver letter, you will increase your chances of your request being accepted.

Top 5 Important Steps Writing VISA Rejection Letter

  • Include your details – it is essential to add your personal info to the VISA rejection letter sample you are writing. Aside from your name and contact info, make sure to add your phone number and e-mail address. The latter might not be necessary, but it adds a touch of seriousness.
  • Think about the specifics related to your type of VISA – K1 VISA rejection letter should be different than a J1 VISA waiver letter.
  • Create an outline – you need to prepare things you want to include in your VISA rejection letter sample in advance. If you know why your VISA was denied, make sure to focus on those things and try to justify why your appeal should be approved.
  • Write the letter in a professional way – once you get to VISA or IELTS waiver letter writing, make sure to keep the tone professional. That means not making a sob story or trying to influence the feelings of the board in any way. They are professionals and will only consider facts, which is why you may consider including additional documents to support your claims.
  • Proofread everything – once you are finished, you need to carefully read the entire letter. You want to ensure that you haven’t made any spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, perhaps you need to rewrite some sentences so that you would get a more concise tone.

What to Avoid While Writing an Appeal Letter for VISA Rejection?

  • There is no need to make it too long – while there is no general rule of thumb when it comes to the appeal letter for VISA rejection length requirement, you do not want to waste the officials’ time. A single page is more than enough as long as you convey everything that you want to say properly.
  • The letter sounds confusing – you are jumping from one issue to another and your sentences just don’t convey the right message. Instead, they are confusing and everything seems like even you don’t know what you wanted to say. This is another reason that supports the claim that you should keep things clear and concise.
  • Do not take the letter to another consulate – if the US has more than a single consulate in your country, it won’t do any good to take your sampleVISA waiver letter to another office. They are all connected and centrally maintained and they will ask you to return to the previous consulate and reapply.

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Expert Advice for VISA Waiver Letter Writing

Here are some extra tips that you may also use when writing your VISA rejection letter sample:

  • Include your travel history – if you travel often, there should be plenty of stamps in your passport. Make sure to mention them as it could be something that the officials might consider. You can use in your favor the fact that you are were visiting various countries without any issues.
  • An invitation letter might help you – if you are a student and visiting the country for a course, such as an OPT program, the institution can send you a VISA waiver program invitation letter. This can be extremely helpful to include in your application as it would confirm your reason for traveling.
  • Make sure to keep things concise – as you could see if you came across a VISA rejection letter sample online, this document should contain clear and concise sentences. There isn’t a general rule about the length of a single sentence. However, make sure to keep them clear and avoid including extra words if they are unneeded.

professional visa rejection letter sample

Why Our Refusal Letter Writers Are the Best in the Business and How Can We Help?

If you do not want to leave things to chance or this is your first time writing a VISA application rejection letter, you should consider getting professional help. Here is why you should make us your partner in the preparation of your VISA rejection letter sample:

  • Years of experience – we know how a letter of waiver should look and our professional team has years of experience in writing various types of personal statements. That includes waiver letter GPA and MBA GMAT waiver essays, which means we can provide.
  • Complying with your requests – we carefully listen to your demands and what you think should be included in your VISA rejection letter sample. We then work relentlessly to comply with your requests and create a sample appeal letter for VISA rejection you will be proud of.
  • Proofreading – perhaps you already have a waiver K1 VISA written? Regardless, it would be great to have a team of professionals to edit and proofread your letter. We know what the embassies are expecting, which makes us the right choice for everyone preparing a VISA rejection letter.
  • Top quality content – it is only normal that you want your VISA rejection letter sample to look as good as possible. If you are not an experienced writer, you can increase your chances by hiring one to write your waiver. That is precisely what we offer – a professional team adept at writing high-quality content that looks just the way you wanted to.
  • Quick delivery – you might not have a lot of time to write your F1 VISA rejection letter. We know how to work with tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work in short timeframes.
  • Plagiarism-free – there are many companies that have one sample letter of waiver and use it for all their needs. Our company will create your VISA rejection letter sample from scratch, which will make it plagiarism-free and unique.

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